Looking for brick layer and ground worker!

Due to high demand of work Ashco is looking for a brick layer and ground worker to join the team. The work is based around Cambridgeshire and will be a long run of work. Ashco is offering a good rate of pay. For more information contact Ash on 07976669565!

St Ives outbuilding transformed into level access shower

Ashco have been over in St Ives working on transforming an existing outbuilding into a level access shower for our disabled client.

First all of the fittings were removed that is including the existing ceiling and flooring. The existing drains are adapted and new ones added to allow for the level access shower. The existing rear window is also removed and the a single brick wall infill is constructed using matching bricks.

Floor reconstruction:-

The team applied synthaprufe DPM to the existing concrete slab and brought up the existing floor level to match with the house using sand and cement screed with steel float.


The existing external doorway was removed and filled in with new bricks to match the existing ones. A new doorway is constructed and is widened to be able to allow wheelchair access. A new 838mm door and frameset has been fitted. Also the existing door from the kitchen to new rear hallway was removed.

A new shower room window was fitted with UPVC double glaze and trickle vents. The glazing is to be obscured.

Next the ceilings, walls and roof of the outbuilding needed to be insulated using fit glass fibre. Then plasterboard is installed. New pendant lighting and 2 new radiators are fitted in the level access shower.

Shower room:-

Once the main structure of the room is done, the team then started on the shower room. This started with installing a new shower tray. They cut out a sufficient floor screed and a contour encoded floor former was installed which was manufactured from at least 90% recycled materials.

An electric shower is then installed this was a Mira advance flex LT with BEAB care mark and user friendly for the blind and visually impaired, with thermostatic temperature stability. It also has controls with separate flow, push buttons to start/stop and audible beeps. These controls will help our disabled client giving them independence back doing everyday life essentials.

A new curtain rail with a weighted shower curtain was installed. The curtain has a anti-fungus and anti-bacterial protection.

After the shower area has been constructed the walls were to be tiled. All of the existing ones had been removed. The walls prepared and large white glazed tiles are installed from floor to ceiling around the shower area and splash backs on the WC and WHB. The rest of the walls were decorated.  As well as the bedroom and new hallway.

A new WC “Sandringham” lever close coupled toilet suite and a wall mounted WHB with mono bloc chrome lever taps were installed.

Last to be installed was the flooring a textured 2mm thick vinyl sheet flooring Altro Aquarius  or equal approved specifically designed for safety with wet, barefeet or soft soled footwear containing a bacteriostat to minimise the growth of micro-organisms such as MRSA.

Once the level access shower is completed, a threshold step to get full level access to the kitchen to the rear hallway made out of concrete is installed. All of these adaptions will make such a difference to our disabled client giving them independence and making theirs and their carers/family members life easier. If you would like more information on domestic builds please click here!

This week

This week the team are working for the NHSBT all around East Anglia, working on redecorating and other maintenance work. They are in St Ives working on outbuilding works and on another property widening some door frames to help our disabled client. Extension work in St Neots continues and work has been completed on the Milton extension.

Two storey extension in Cambridge

Our team have started work on a two storey extension to the rear of our clients property. This will be turned into a kitchen/dining room  and on the second floor two more bedrooms to the property. Our client also wants internal alterations and construction to their garden room.

First the foundations are laid out for the new extension. The trench will then be filled with concrete and steelwork and then a sand cement screed vapour control layer will be added.

Then a chipboard grade flooring will be added with timber floor joints and herringbone struts plasterboard.

The external walls will then be built using celcon block/brick walls with a plaster flnish. There will stud partition wall between the two bedrooms on the second floor.

Next the roof will be constructed using roof trusses. Our client has chosen Tudor brown smooth and half ridge tiles on a sand cement mortar. All to match existing.

New doors and windows are to be fitted. They have chosen optima range  Anthrade grey colour doors. They have also chosen new doors in the bedroom and dining room too.

The new bathroom will have Hans Groehe Chroma shower head with concealed value. Our clients have chosen Durvat starch 3 close coupled toilet compact. A crosswater Zion wall hung vanity unit and basin in blue smoke matte. They have a Kaldwei fitted bath. Tiles were  fitted on the wall and the rest decorated.

After that the walls will be decorated in both bedrooms and plastered.

Our client has chosen all of the new kitchen units and all will fitted and installed as well as new oven, fridge and other kitchen essentials.

Once all the work has been done in the main house and on the extension work starts on the outside area and on an outbuilding which will be made into a garden room. A new patio  area, paths will be made using consolidated hardcore bed with chosen clans.


New foundations are laid using concrete trench, The ground floor is sand cement. The external walls are constructed hardiplank boarding tonalised vertical battens levelled at gauge to suit. A vapour permeable water barrier to make waterproof. A studwall plasterboard to put shower area in room.

The external windows and doors will be installed. They have chosen grey UPVC 24mm double glazed and a double French door and a flat roof to finish off the outbuilding.

If you would like more information on domestic builds please click here

External works in Soham

Ashco have been over in Soham working on external works for our disabled client. New concrete landings and ramp will be fitted from the top of the existing structure to the new level access door threshold.

Construction of the permanent formwork on the new ramp is where the team will start. Paving slabs will be used along the edge of the ramp towards the rear and along the sides of the new construction and forming.

It is important that the levelling of the new ramp fits with the existing door threshold. Our client has chosen a concrete finish on the ramp. This runs to the existing gravel verge level. A tamped non-slip floated finish will be added to the concrete. This is very important for our disabled client as a fall or slip could be very damaging to them.

Before the new external door is started we will supply and fix galvanised posts and hand railings along the edge of the new ramp.

A new external door will be installed. This is a special level access door to the rear of our clients house. Our client has chosen a UPVC door.

If you would like more information on our disabled builds please click here

Cherry Hinton

Our team have been over in Cherry Hinton working on a client’s drainage on their driveway,

First the concrete is cutback from the junction to the house. A line trench is dug and filled with geo textile membrane.

New drain pipe is supplied and laid on a bed of pea shingle and then filled above the pipes once the pipes are laid.

To finish is to pea shingle is levelled with the surface of the driveway.

If you would like further details about domestic builds please click here

This week

Happy Monday! The team have lots planned for this week. We have started a new extension in Cambridge and alterations. We adapting a disabled clients house in Soham to enable access and internal facilities. We will start a bathroom adaption in Little Thetford and over the month be working for the NHSBT across the region on scheduled work!


Milton Garage Conversion

The Ashco team have been over in Milton working on a garage conversion. The garage has been converted into a bedroom and bathroom for our disabled client.

The contents of the garage were removed and the existing garage demolished to ground level.  New foundations were excavate with a suitable load bearing stratum. Concrete trench was added to the foundations which are central positioned under all exterior walls.

Insulation is added to the flooring and floor slabs on top which are 100mm thick.

The walls are built using concrete blocks made of cement mortar and filled with concrete. The inner leaf is to be formed of load bearing thermal blockwork. The outer leaf to be facing brickwork to match existing.

New window openings white UPVC double glazed windows in a white, ones for the bedroom and bathroom. The bathroom window has a single opening top light glazing obscure. The bedroom is to be suitable to provide a means of escape in case of a fire.

All internal walls to be lined internally with moisture resisting plasterboard.

The client chose a flat roof with tonalised timbers and three layer high performance felt.

A new door opening between the extension and existing living room. The door needed to be widened and the internal door to match existing.

The bathroom to bedroom door using a sliding door. New fittings are also installed smoke detector, sockets and heat detectors. These are all around the house to help our client.

The walls are decorated apart from the bathroom which will be tiled. These are the two walls in the shower area and splash back. They picked new natural coloured ceramic glazed tiles.

A new shower former is fitted  a contour ecodec with pumped gulley waste manufactured from at least 90% recycled materials. An electric shower Mira advance ATL Flex extra BEAB Caremark to be user friendly for the blind and visually impaired with thermostatic temperature stability. A control have separate flow contour contrasting and LED backlit temperature controls with push button start/stop and audible bleeps. Two weighted curtains and rail.

New shower seat, wash hand basin and toilet were installed.  The client picked  “Sola” Twyfords bathroom  and steel chrome plated arm lever taps.

Below are photos of the finished build:-

All of these changes will make a big difference to our disabled client. If you want more information on domestic builds please click here

This week

This week the team have started a two storey rear extension in Cambridge. The foundations are starting to be laid. The Bathroom is being installed over in the Milton garage conversion. We started a job in Cherry Hinton working on drainage on our clients driveway. Our Ely extension is coming to an end and we are also over in Soham working on external work for a disabled client working on an access ramp. Happy Friday everybody!



This week!

The team have been super busy this week. Work continues on the two storey extension in Ely with work on the roof being finished and internal work being started. The garage conversion in Milton for our disabled client is finishing off the shell and internal works starting. The St Ives out building conversion into level access shower is nearly finished and completed various small jobs and call outs around the area!


Sutton Kitchen refurbishment

The team have been over in Sutton working on a kitchen refurbishment for our client.

First the whole kitchen area is stripped out including the existing flooring.

They have chosen a new Glendevon Howdens kitchen in white and tiling around the splashback areas in grey patterned. The walls were all prepared with plaster before the tiles are laid.

All the new appliances are installed this includes hob cooker, black 4 zone induction hob, sink etc. All the new cabinets and worktops are installed.

Next to be installed is the howdens grey vinyl flooring and 6 spot lights in the ceiling.

After this the rest of the kitchen area is decorated.

Our clients wanted some more work doing in their property. This work was to the downstairs toilet and lobby. New thermo boards were installed to the external walls and plastered. New toilet and sink vanity unit were fitted as well as a new radiator.

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We have been asked to install an en-suite in Ely for a young family.

First the old en-suite has to be stripped out ready for the preparations to begin. An encove will be installed in the shower area and an infinity shower tray with enhance screen fitted.

A wash hand basin with vanity unit and WC unit will be installed all before the tiling beings.

Our clients have chosen to tile all walls and floor including the shower area. Using the colour future stone. They have also chosen a dual head thermostatic bar mixer shower.

The ceiling is decorated  and a new towel rail fitted.

Last to be installed is a re-swing door to open into our clients bedroom.

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Weekly update!

Good Morning! Ashco this week have been working on a 2 storey extension in Ely. They have been over in St Ives working on a conversion and bathroom level access shower. A garage conversion is being started this week in Milton and Ben finished work on a bathroom in Mepal! We hope you have a great week! 

Level access shower and associated works

Our team have been over in Cambourne working on a level access shower and associated works.

First the team had to clear out the outbuilding ready for it to be transformed.

Next a synthprufe liquid DPM is applied to the existing concrete flooring to help with floor insulation. A tongue and groove moisture resistant chipboard flooring will then be installed on top. The flooring must be in level with the existing house.

Stud walls will be fitted these are made from sawn softwood studs and noggins to support edges of boards. Earth wool insulation slabs and plasterboard will then be fitted to the walls.

A new loft hatch is to be installed with an insulated loft hatch cover.

After that the existing door to the outbuilding is to be removed. The area will be infilled to match the existing building. A new opening for a window will be formed and a “Optima Range” UPVC in white with trickle ventilation. An internal door is added sculpted door with side flag in white to match existing doors. It also has one pair lever handles and a privacy lock fitted.

The team will then start on the shower area. The shower former needs to be installed our client has chosen a contour Ecodec 24mm in thickness to enable an easy sitting. The former is made from 90% recycled materials.

When we start the tiling the walls need to be prepared. This is to help level the walls out for a smooth finish. Once this has been done the tiles can be added. Our client has chosen white ceramic glazed tiles. These will be fixed with flexible waterproof adhesive and grout.  They have chosen the 2 walls of the shower area and splash back above the Wash hand basin.

Once the tiles are finished work on the electrics will be started. A new opal polycarbonate diffuser high frequency ceiling light is fitted as well as a new electric shower.  Our client has chosen a Mira advance ATL flex extra 9.0kw BEAB Care mark. This is user friendly for the blind and visually impaired, with thermostatic temperature controls with push button start/stop and audible bleeps. There is also adjustable temperature limit with 8 different maximum temperature settings and four spray shower head. These will make a huge difference for our disabled client, enabling them to have independence in the shower. A smooth long slide bar with easy operation will be installed in the shower area.

The control unit that will be installed has colour contrasting rotary lever, buttons and raised areas to aid navigation to help our disabled client to be able to see and feel what they are doing.

Two weighted curtains, a ceiling railing and ceiling support is to be installed with anti fungus/bacterial protection.

Before the flooring is installed a new wall hung “Sola” steel supported wash hand basin and a new WC toilet suite will be fitted. The door way between bedroom and living room is to be made wider.

Last to be installed in the new level access shower is the flooring. This is textured thick vinyl sheet flooring specifically designed for safety with wet, barefeet or soft soled footwear containing  a bacteriostat to minimise the growth of micro-organisms such as MRSA.

Outside the house a new ramp and sidelight is to be installed so that our disabled client can have wheelchair access to the house.

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Ely Kitchen and Lounge Alterations!

Ashco Building and Maintenance Services have been over in Ely working on kitchen and lounge alterations for our client. They have also chosen to relocate their incoming water main.

First the team removed the radiator in the lounge and dining area and installed a new insulated stud wall to build a new utility and pantry area. A new door is fitted one to match the existing doors in the house.

New light fittings are installed to the new rooms.

We stripped out the existing kitchen units. Our client has supplied their new kitchen units and we installed them.

The walls are cleared and prepared for either tiling or decorating and plaster skimmed on the wall to give a fantastic finish for the tiling. Our clients have chosen to tile the splash back area above the kitchen counter. The rest of walls are decorated.

Last to be fitted is the new flooring. Our client has chosen vinyl flooring.

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This week!

The team this week have been over working for NHSBT on general maintenance and repairs and over on Granta Medical in Sawston. They have been working on refurbishment of a private cloakroom in Sutton and work continues in Haddenham on an extension. We hope your all having a lovely week!

Wimpole Internal alterations

Ashco have been over in Wimpole working on internal alterations on a disabled clients bedroom and installing a level access shower.

The team first have to install a stud partition wall. These are used to support the openings in the room. A new door way opening is being placed between the bedroom and the bathroom. This will be wider than the existing one so has wheelchair access. A  new sliding door is also being installed.

New windows will be fitted in the bedroom and the new level access shower. These are UPVC double glazed windows.

Next the team started working on the level access shower in the bathroom. A new contour eco-dec shower former will be installed. Then a Mira advance electrical shower is to be fitted. This has special thermostatically control with separate flow and temperature settings. It also has large contrasting rotary lever and push buttons making it easy for our client to use. Two weighted curtains and a corner ceiling support curtain rail will be installed. The curtains have special anti-fungus and antibacterial protection.

A large long riser bar with easy glide operation will be fitted to the shower area.

Once the shower area has been sorted a Twyford “Sola” wash hand basin and a WC Twyford “Sola” rimless WC pan will be installed.

Our clients have chosen to tile full length of two walls around shower area and splash back around wash hand basin. The team have to plaster the walls to give a fantastic finish. Our clients have chosen ceramic glazed tiles in white.

The walls that are not tiled are to be decorated with dulux paint that is suitable for high humanity environment. This includes the ceilings too.

Last to be fitted is the flooring. Our clients have chosen Astro Pisces flood covering that is specifically designed for safety with wet, barefeet or soft soled footwear containing a bacteriostat to minimise the growth of micro-organisms such as MRSA.

In the bedroom new heaters and lights are fitted in the bedroom.

All these adjustments to our clients bedroom and level access shower will make a big difference to their lives giving them independence back with everyday needs. If you would like to read more articles please click here


This week!

Ashco have been busy this week finishing work off over in Ely completing work on kitchen and lounge alterations. Wimpole on level access shower and bedroom adaptions. They have started work on an en-suite bathroom in Ely and been over in Cambourne working on a level access shower and installing a ramp for a disabled client. The team have also been completing work for NHSBT.

Where we are this week!

This week we have been finishing off a one storey extension for a disabled client in Stilton. We have been working on bathroom adaptions in Ely and finishing off an extension in Cambridge. A level access room has been started in Eaton Ford and we have started work on a kitchen and lounge refurbishment in Ely.


BBQ and pizza oven

Our team have been working over in Witchford building a lovely BBQ and pizza oven already for the summer.

Below is the finished project:-